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Need to color Ganesh but other things are getting in the way

It’s fine however there is always time to get Ganesh my pencil drawing digitized.  I just have to make sure that I get it done.  You know that artists do go through a block, well I’m going through that block again and all I can think about is cosplay and how my lulu costume is […]

Watching the Super Bowl

I am watching the Super Bowl with my mother. It’s the Ravens’ vs. the 49er’s or the 40 whiners.  Sorry fans, but I hate them to the core and I hope they lose.  I don’t like the Ravens’ either. I just want the Ravens to win because I like the bird for the fact that […]

Coloring Ganesh…

She will be a pain to color from pencil to digital. I think I can swing anything I set my mind to though.  I don’t feel as depressed.  I worked on her a little bit.  She is in my gallery with all the snake heads.  Eventually I want to make a comic starting her for […]