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Physical Therapy

I am proceeding with physical therapy with the damage that was done on my neck from my previous ex.  I believe he is responsible.  This is going to be very hard for me to deal with.  I have limited mobility in my neck right now as the doctors have said.  I am hoping that with […]

It took everything I had and more.

My significant other and I decided to take a break.  I thought it was best for our happiness.  This is what I want to call silent reflection.  A time to reflect on our relationship and ourselves a bit. He took it really bad, I’m afraid that his screaming got too bad and it was all […]

So I art work I intend to work full on come sunday morning….

So come sunday morning I intend to work full on with my art work.  I feel at peace now without the head and the hustle and bustle inside my head.  It took a lot of medication adjustments for that to happen, but I was able to do. I like my new meds because I’m actually […]

There is only one thing I wanted to say when I got out of the mental hospital….

Screw you Dad and your self righteous Irish politics, who the hell cares about your Sin Fein, your not even full blooded Irish.  Seriously I couldn’t give a shit on what you read.  Yes they are an impoverish people, but you know you have your family right over here, like your daughter, who needs school […]

I’m going to sleep for awhile.

I am going to sleep for awhile, and it’s because I am really unstable. Apparently, I have had an obsession with my SO for quite some time. I thought I loved him with all my heart and soul, but could not understand why when he wants to leave me, I want to die? I can’t […]

I hate bosses from hell

  So we have worked with this boss from hell. I guess she is getting tired of working with us you know, so many years of working on her book.  But she is impossible to work with.  She is a chef and she has to take time out of her busy schedule.  She instead expects […]


I wonder why people do not like their names that are bestowed upon them. Do you think it’s because it was not their choice? Is that why some people hate their own names, to such extent to go and change them or even start calling themselves by a nickname they most desire instead? I most […]