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Traveling Art Show

I am in the Lompoc, CA Traveling Art Show. Every month some of my art is at different businesses. They are reasonably priced so if you like my art please buy.  I would appreciate it very much. You are always welcome to look!   Sarah Laughingbear and my last name changed from being married so […]

More to come in the shopping.

I am setting an agreement with PayPal because they have never done me wrong and you can enter your credit card and it is totally secure. So I am going to be putting more for people to buy.  If you have any questions email me at Reed.sarah@gmail.com. You can also visit me on face book […]

International Aerobatics Club Work Chapter 89 Banners….

These are the banners enlarged and expanded for Mark Stewart of the Chapter 89 International Aerobatics Club in Oscala, Florida.  I enjoyed doing this graphics work very much and look forward to next year. I have created two banners this year.  I made the Red Sky banner and the Snowbird Classic banner.

I have five new pieces in CCRG building

I have five new pieces for sale at Central Coast Realty Group.  That is located on 531 N H Street, Lompoc, CA 93436. These pieces are framed and matted and are ready to hang.  So if you are interested please take a look in the place and serious inquires only.  Please call my number that […]

There is a way to live in this head.

There is a way to live in this head.  It’s like a sea of dread.  All I think about are bad connections and past directions too much to control I need to let go. If I spend a time thinking it will get me drinking too much to end a short life of what could […]

Joining the Art Association in Lompoc

I am thinking of joining the art association in Lompoc.  I have my Art in the growing gallery in santa maria but I would like it local.  So this year I am going to set up a boe and get sellers number and sign up to get into the art association.  I would love to […]

So quick into the winter we have a home.

“So Iris we have a home we can call our own in California now and we can call it safety.” says Nicodemus. “Yeah duh I know, but he can still track us and like look us up on facebook. We are never safe and never will be safe” declares Iris. “I know he is reading […]

Art Show.

Here is the show flyer if you want to go to my art show.  Robert Silverman is the curator of the growing grounds gallery.  I will be there August 29th on the artists hour 2-5 pm.  Please come and support your local artists.

Featured Artist At Growing Grounds Gallery

This just in, I will be a featured artist at the Growing Grounds Gallery in Santa Maria, CA on August 27th, 28th, and 29th. Please be there!  Robert Silverman will be showcasing 10 pieces of my paintings up for sale. I believe one of them is going to not be for sale as I reserved it […]

Physical Therapy

I am proceeding with physical therapy with the damage that was done on my neck from my previous ex.  I believe he is responsible.  This is going to be very hard for me to deal with.  I have limited mobility in my neck right now as the doctors have said.  I am hoping that with […]