Cerulean Synapses

Colours of Magic


We are now selling prints on our site.  Isn’t that exciting?  We do make requests so if you have a request please leave it in the comments section or email Cerulean Synapses at reed.sarah@gmail.com.  We are trying to make a site email, but I prefer gmail it is just so much more easier to communitcate through it.  It you would like us to do a commission it’s 20 dollars a black and white commission.  It is 40 dollars for  full colored commission depending on the subject matter and I do all types of subject matter as I am a very versatile artist.  You can take a look at my portfolio on this website.

You can buy prints if you like what you see.  They are one size but I can make them smaller or bigger and crop them.  I can also matt them and frame them for an additional 45 dollars.

I hope that you consider us for commissions as we are a collective consciousness.  We would love to draw for you.  If you are in anyway unhappy with what we draw for you, we will correct what we draw as we are not thrown off with critiques.  We went to art school in Eastern Connecticut State University which has a great Graphics Design School there and great teachers.  We plan to learn 3D drawings on our own next.  Thank you for your consideration.  We hope for many commissions and prints from you.

Cerulean Synapses