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About Cerulean Synapse

Welcome to our system.  We are a multiple, you probably have maybe heard about Sybil or the Faces of Eve, or watched the United States of Tara.  You are right, we are multiple people inside one person.  We keep discovering ourselves and the wonderful world of multiplicity.  We keep discovering new headmates locked away in our consciousness and it helps us heal.

Please have a look at the new appearance of our site.  As it has changed and hope this has not caused any inconvenience to any person or persons.  Ha ha ha…  You will find our latest posts in the upper right hand corner under posts.

We are a trauma based system we think.  So we think why we came into being was a result of severe trauma that happened over 28 years ago.  We think it happened while we were still in the womb, although we do not know,  we still have these vague memories of stress, and lots of stress.  There are 50 of us all together though there are only about 22 of us that really front for a good amount of time ever.  We really appreciate that you come to our page and read our blogs.  And please note that pronouns are probably one of the most hardest things for us to master.

~cerulean synapses collective