Cerulean Synapses

Colours of Magic

So quick into the winter we have a home.

“So Iris we have a home we can call our own in California now and we can call it safety.” says Nicodemus. “Yeah duh I know, but he can still track us and like look us up on facebook. We are never safe and never will be safe” declares Iris. “I know he is reading our site as we speak, but the good thing is that he is nothing to us, nothing.” says Aria. “Even nothing is something” intercedes Ada. “Quit being so negative all the time you guys, he isn’t coming anywhere near us and he is a hopeless wanker if he even tries to read any of our comments now lets stop obsessing and try to focus on the good things that happened this year.” Serena bouts. “We are free, no one is abusing or hitting us we are clean, we have a job and we make art that inspires people.” says Rachel, Ada, and Aris. “And I can sing my song bird songs.” declares Persephone. “Yeah girl!” says Rober. “All of you are my inspiration and I couldn’t of done it without you! ” I say.