Cerulean Synapses

Colours of Magic

There is a way to live in this head.

There is a way to live in this head.  It’s like a sea of dread.  All I think about are bad connections and past directions too much to control I need to let go. If I spend a time thinking it will get me drinking too much to end a short life of what could of been a long one.  In my head there was a past, and now there is a future. Some can even hold it close to them and tell me they can see it all in my face and eyes and smile.  Even the nights do not seem so alone anymore, I feel the connections as I sleep through the night.  The connections of human beings, and their spirits.  Spirits that flow endlessly through time and gently give me reminders of why I am here on earth. And all I can feel is this love for us all.